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After taking several years off from the music industry, L.A. native Mila J is coming back stronger than ever with her new five-track EP titled M.I.L.A. (Made in Los Angeles).

 The industry veteran got a taste of fame at the age of seven as a back up dancer in Prince’s video for “Diamonds and Pearls” and as a member of girl group Gyrl alongside her big sister Miyoko Chilombo.

In 2005, she joined R&B/hip-hop quartet Dame Four, a short-lived girl group. Mila branched off as a solo artist, signing with TUG/Universal label and releasing her official first single “Good Lookin’ Out” featuring labelmate Marques Houston. She was set to release her debut album Split Personality that year, but unfortunately the project was shelved. The L.A. native took a breather from the music industry for several years, which eventually led to her changing her moniker.

Earlier this year, Jhene Aiko’s big sister came back in full effect, releasing her single “Smoke, Drink, Break-Up.”  The story behind “Smoke, Drink, Break-Up” describes the tale of Mila and her man going through vicious cycles of dysfunction, especially when both parties aren’t relying on reality-escaping substances.

The second single off the EP, “My Main,” is an urban-sounding anthem for the besties. Mila teams up with her fellow Cali natives Ty Dolla $ign and DJ Mustard, who produced the record for all the “down ass” chicks who’ve been down with her since day one.

“Champion” featuring B.o.B is an up-tempo sexually-driven track. This is not the tomboy Mila we know, but we like. “Times Like These” is another relationship-based song, about her being there for her dude going through the hard times, referring to Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant’s rocky relationship. No matter how tough the relationship gets, their love is strong. Perfect song to play for your man/woman when times get rough. If you weren’t a ride or die individual before, Mila’s vocal ability will seemingly convince you to ride for your partner until the wheels fall off.

“Pain In My Heart” features fellow Cali artist Problem and expresses the much-dreaded experience of unrequited love, which most listeners can relate to. The five-track project will be a visual EP, including five music videos. With the high-profile features (Trey Songz and B.o.B) and the tour with Ty Dolla $ign, plus the visual element of the EP, Mila’s Motown debut is best classified as a grower, not a shower.

Give the EP a few listens, you’re sure to become a Mila fan.

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