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A Pizza Hut customer was baffled when she discovered a terrible insult on her receipt after ordering from the fast food chain.

Aili Si of Singapore says Pizza Hut employees left the insult “Pink Fat Lady” on her takeout receipt. After getting the receipt, the customer took her frustrations over to social media, snapped a photo of the insult, and shared it online.

In just a few hours, her story went viral.

“Just feel insulted. What’s wrong being plus size? I’m a customer n I pay for my pizza!” wrote Aili Si on Facebook Sunday, under a photo of the receipt for two pizzas and the handwritten insult.

Singapore’s Pizza Hut chain responded with a formal apology on its site and another on its Facebook page, and promised to find the culprit or culprits responsible.

This definitely rocked us in our seats. That should not have happened at all and we feel that we cannot begin to appropriately apologise to you at this point, but we are, indeed, sorry for this. We’re glad you brought this to our attention. Our team is keen on finding out further details of this incident in order to launch an investigation.

Their apology also uncovered a series of other issues customers have had with the chain, including terrible customer service, tardy deliveries, and more.

Here’s a note for people who ring up receipts — we can see that shit. Do better.

SOURCE: Gawker | PHOTO CREDIT: Handout 

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