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Keyshia Cole has remained a staple in music since she first hit the scene back in 2003. Now, the R&B crooner is a 33-year-old MILF, who’s enjoying life and isn’t afraid to let us know.

Although she’s been in the headlines for things such as her infamous Beyonce shade, her very public divorce, and various Twitter beefs, Keyshia has managed to make great music and be a great mom at the same time–not to mention she has a successful shoe line with Steve Madden.

Keyshia’s fans love that she has been resilient despite her tumultuous upbringing, which she revealed on her BET reality show a few years back. People can say what they want about the songstress, but just like the phoenix, she always rises from the ashes.

In honor of Ms. Cole’s birthday, we’ve put together a gallery showcasing how much she’s changed and grown over the years. Keyshia Cole is proof that evolution is a beautiful thing.


14 Pics Of Keyshia Cole Over The Years (PHOTOS)
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