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You know what they say…opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

Cliche, right? But if you ever read reviews on your favorite television shows, books, or restaurants, you know that people’s opinions vary from love to hate in the blink of an eye.

But have you ever really stopped to check out WHY people hate the things they hate?

We’ve scoured Amazon reviews to find out why people hate things, but not just anything, the television shows most people unequivocally agree are the best. We’re talking shows like The Walking Dead, which opened to 17 million viewers in its season premiere, Breaking Bad, which is considered one of the best shows to ever air on television, Game of Thrones, and more.

Take a look at the various inane reasons some Amazon users don’t like our very favorite shows.

Mad Men

Breaking Bad



Modern Family

Game of Thrones

American Horror Story

Family Guy

Boardwalk Empire

The Walking Dead

PHOTO CREDIT: Amazon, FX, ABC, HBO, Showtime, AMC

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