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Is it ’cause a boy is handsome and wealthy? Possibly.

When Jaden Smith declared himself a melancholy soul, he wasn’t lying. Just last week, the 16-year-old Smith spawn dropped a dope song featuring his kid sister Willow Smith titled “Melancholy.” 

The song was obviously self-loathing, sad, dark, and gloomy, but we liked it. We liked it a lot. As “different” as the Smith kids are, these young adolescents are super talented. So talented they’re actually sad about it.

We enjoy Jaden and his melancholy, so here’s 16 pictures of a handsome and wealthy 16-year-old looking hella sad.

Check out Jaden on his #MelancholyGodFlow in the gallery below.


16 Pictures Of Jaden Smith Looking Melancholy (PHOTOS)
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