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Elle Varner said it before, and now she’s saying it again in case we didn’t hear her clearly the first time – she and Meek Mill aren’t dating and never were.

After K. Michelle threw some shade Elle’s way when she felt her former friend swooped in on her crush Meek and started copying her singing style, Elle briefly spoke on the situation with Vlad TV. And more recently, she did a radio interview with WGCI in Chicago and dished on whether or not she and Meek actually have a “situationship,” or have been in contact since he got locked up.

When they asked Elle what the situation was between her and Meek, she responded:

“There is no situation. He’s the homie. He’s an amazing rapper.”

The hosts joked: “Is it ’cause he’s locked up that there’s no situation?'”

“No, we had a misunderstanding. I don’t know if you guys remember a while back over Twitter, I had made a little joke and at the time I really wasn’t thinking “you realize this is going to be kind of a blast mode situation?” I didn’t think of it. So when it got blown out of proportion, I felt so bad. And then my first time seeing him, the second time seeing him in my life is in that picture where I’m hugging him and I was like (hug gesture) “heeeey, sorry!” And it was all good. Like, we’re totally fine.”

She goes on to say people automatically assume you’re dating someone as soon as you take a picture with them, which is true. Elle also revealed that she hasn’t gotten a chance to reach out to Meek while he’s been in jail.

Elle’s got to admit though, the photo (above) along with the caption “R/P @meekmill #nocurvezone ❤️” was at the very least a little flirty.

Check out her interview above, and let us know your thoughts below.


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