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Tyler, the Creator—he’s a genius of our time, and sorry not sorry, that’s just not up for debate.

And much like any other intellectual, the Odd Future frontman might be often misunderstood. He’s kind of got that Kanye effect going for him: Once you get past his off-the-wall antics and actually listen to what he has to say, you’ll realize exactly why he has such a strong cult following. Call him goofy, call him weird even, but he’s smart. Very smart.

I know, I know, that might be hard to tell, especially after a once-over of his Instagram, but you should never judge a book by his Golf Wang thigh tattoos. While you might scroll through his feed and think, “Wut?” I personally find it pretty amusing.

Because I want you all to see just how perfectly imperfect Tyler is (and because I may or may not have a thing for him—but that’s another topic for another day), here are 41 WTF-worthy pictures of him that might make you feel just a little bit uncomfortable, but in a good way.


5 Pictures Of Tyler, The Creator That Will Probably Make You Uncomfortable (PHOTOS)
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