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This guy must be up to something.

Yesterday, a judge cleared his courtroom after an inmate told everyone in the room that he had Ebola. 42-year-old Joseph Britton was arrested for battery and disorderly conduct on Thursday night and while his arrest report was being read in the courtroom, Britton licked his hands several times and stated in front of everyone, “I’ve got Ebola.” Britton then proceeded to wipe his hands on the bar employee who angered him after telling him not to smoke near explosive gas tanks.

According to the Daily Mail, Judge John Hurley reacted and said:

I dunno. What do we do…? This gentleman has claimed he has Ebola… I believe you should clear the courtroom of all the prisoners.

Moments later after the strange occurrence, fire crews and a hazmat team came down to the courtroom and locked down the jail for a total of 4 hours. Police later confirmed that Britton showed no symptoms of Ebola and the Broward County court was resumed. He was taken to a local hospital, where doctors said he was all clear.

Britton was held in an isolated cell in Broward County Jail, Florida while the rest of the inmates were kept away. Like we’ve mentioned, there must be something in that Florida water.


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