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Keanu Reeves is back with a new action-packed movie by the name of John Wick.

In the film, Keanu plays a quiet family man who loses his wife to an illness. Saddened by her death, he cherishes one last gift from his wife – a pet dog named Daisy. The dog represents the one thing he needs to love in order to have a normal life. Well, all that changes when a group of thugs see his car and want it for their own. The “thugs” break into Keanu’s house, steal his car, and kill his dog. That’s when we find out they made a big mistake by messing with the wrong man – John Wick.

The Matrix star is ready for his return to the big screen and sat down with our own BlogXilla to talk about his new film, the expectations for John Wick to do well at the box office, and what it was like working with a dog.

“Andy was a puppy, so it had a puppy mind. It was running here and there. Over the days we were spending so much time together, we started to bond. There is a scene where the dog was jumping on my back and that was happening. It was fun when that would connect, but otherwise you’re just like, ‘Please Lord God, stop being a puppy,’ but you can’t stop the puppy from being a puppy.”

Check out the interview above and be sure to go see John Wick in theaters beginning October 24th.