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Jordan Peele dropped by the No Judgment Zone with Blogxilla and brought the laughs along with him.

The parody actor spoke about all the things fans can expect from the current season of Key & Peele, how he thinks the internet affects the show’s success, and how he and comedic partner Keegan-Michael Key felt being compared to The Chappelle Show at the beginning of their careers.

“We knew from the very beginning that we had to do something different than The Chappelle Show. We knew that comparison was going to be common and to be honest, that’s a tough one, because that show is such a monster. It’s so iconic and it’s so classic and it is a big influence. But I think it turned out to be a positive for our show because we said, we can’t do what could have been done seven years ago, we have to make these sketches 2013, 2014.”

The comedian also spoke about something we’ve all wanted to know: how hard is it to keep his composure when filming?

“We break all the time,” he admitted. “The best sketches are the ones we have to edit out us breaking. Something about those moments, the audience can feel it. They can feel if you’re having fun.”

Watch the video above. Key & Peele airs on Comedy Central.

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