ebola handbag

And by “sick,” we don’t mean “awesome,” “cool” or must-have-worthy.

Filed under: Items you should not “Add to cart” is this $35.99 purse with the word “EBOLA” written across it, “because fashion is infectious,” according to the online shop.

Because how about just no.

When reached for comment the Etsy user, who goes by Shawn of the Dead, selling it told Huffington Post:

“It was a ‘what will be hot’ this season type of thing,” he wrote. “Looks like I was right. Ebola has caught the imagination of America. I mean it’s scary, comes from monkeys, and you bleed out of your eyes. Only a zombie apocalypse could [be] ‘hotter.'”

Only after the interview did he decide to donate all the profits from the purses to Direct Relief.

Or you can just donate directly to the charity because—let’s be honest here—the bag is hideous.

SOURCE: Huffington Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Etsy

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