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As we cross another day off the countdown toward the launch of H&M’s latest line with Alexander Wang, he’s upped the ante for what has to be the most highly anticipated high-low collaboration yet.

No, Missy Elliott wasn’t here to help this time around, but instead, it’s Wang’s “ultimate dream team” of models and real athletes who star in a brand new film for the line.

In the two-minute long video game-inspired visual, soccer star Andy Caroll joins Joan SmallsNatasha PolyRaquel Zimmerman, and Isabeli Fontana to put Wang’s performance pieces to the test, doing a whole bunch of things you won’t be able to do in them – like backflip through a brick wall or parkour.

“We wanted to find a way of representing those performance-wear functionalities in the film by putting our cast in extreme conditions and by making it appear easy and graceful for them to take on something that seems like a challenge,” Wang explained to Style.

Come November 6, you won’t be able to run faster or jump higher in these designs, but you’ll at least look really good. Just not as good as Rihanna.


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