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While we wait for new Rihanna music, we’ve got a new RiRi fragrance to fill the void.

The badass Bajan’s new men’s fragrance, Rogue Man, was recently released and what better way to get fans excited than with a meet and greet?

Rihanna headed to the Macy’s in Atlanta’s Lenox Square Mall on Saturday afternoon and damn near brought her Navy to tears as she arrived in a sexy all-black ensemble, that she paired with flawlessly sleek hair.

While at the launch event, she told E! News:

“My fans are insane. They just do incredible things They show up at crazy places at random times. They bring their family members, their friends, it’s all exciting.”

The superstar continued:

“I’m all about the ladies so this is one time I get to do something special for my men, but the ladies still get to enjoy it,” she explained. “All my male friends have it.  I tested on them first. I also sent it home with my girls to test it out on their boyfriends.” Ooh la la!

Speaking of boyfriends, Rihanna wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the scent could act as an “aphrodisiac” for happy couples.

“That’s what I love about fragrances,” she shared with E! News. “It draws people in and also creates memories and makes things stick and certain emotions are evoked through it at certain moments and you remember it.”

Check out the photos from RiRi’s Rogue Man launch event above and below. She took lots of pictures with her fans and was all smiles the entire night.


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