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Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, but she’s kind of the queen when it comes to this whole social media thing.

Not only has she become one heck of a businesswoman, she also has over 44 million followers on Instagram and Twitter combined, who are quick to double-tap, comment, or retweet her selfies at any given moment.

Yesterday, Kim took center stage at the Code/Mobile tech conference in an Azzedine Alaia bodysuit paired with a J.W. Anderson skirt. For those of us whose social media selfie game isn’t too strong, she shared six tips for mastering social networks—none of which help to get that perfect backshot, though, but we digress.

Per the site Re/code:

Social media will make your career.

“I think my career is so heavily based on social media, and so many opportunities have come my way because of the mobile space.”

Use Twitter as your Google.

“Twitter really became my form of Google — I would just get on Twitter and say, ‘Does anyone know where to go eat in this city?’ … It’s just an amazing focus group.”

Instagram is the best social network.

“It’s intimate. It has a little bit more texture than just words.”

Use your BlackBerry Bold for power-tweeting.

“It’s my heart and soul. I love it, and I’ll never get rid of it.”

Don’t be weird and post more than three pictures from one location.

“I have a three-image rule: In the same setting, I try not to do more than three. It over-saturates my feed.”

Bonus tip: Wearable tech is not cute.

“It’s just not for me.”

But, dolls, wearable art is a total do, especially when it comes from someone very, very special. No, we aren’t talking about that Hermes Birkin bag Kanye commissioned George Condo to paint on for her last Christmas.

Because a finger-painted portrait just wouldn’t do, North West gave her mom a finger-painted purse for her birthday, because of course she did. Kim told E!:

“He got me this purse and it was really pretty painted and then my computer was open next to the gift and I was trying to figure out why it was there,” she shared. “And I press play and it was a video of her [North West] actually painting it. She spent hours getting paint all over herself and painting this purse and he captured it all.”

One-year-old Nori: fashionista and artist extraordinaire.

SOURCE: Re/code, E! | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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