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We’d love to tell you that as soon as we bid summer adieu, we did the same with all of our colorful clothes and prepared ourselves to go back to black for the next two seasons. Truth be told, however, we have an affinity for all-black everything no matter the weather.

Today, though, we suddenly feel the need to brighten things up a bit thanks to Zendaya.

Yesterday, the most stylish teen on the scene was spotted out and about NYC dressed in her very best, as per usual, with the help of her stylist Luxury Law. Although her opaque leggings and Prada Mary Jane pumps were black, the rest of her ensemble colored us mad, in the best way possible.

The look included a white-and-pink plaid dress by Cheng-Huai Chuang, and a Karolyn Pho wax-coated tweed coat paired with a chic and sleek ponytail.

Get another glimpse of her below.


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