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Tom Hanks is already known for being one of the most humble and easy-going celebrities in Hollywood, and we once covered all the reasons why he’s the greatest on his birthday earlier this year.

Well, it looks like Mr. Hanks’ generosity has no limit, as Instagram account Humans Of NY recently talked to a Manhattan cab driver who shared one of the most awesome stories about the Forrest Gump actor.

The popular page showed a photo of the driver holding up his iPad, which displayed a selfie with Mr. Hanks. An accompanying caption told the story of the driver’s run-in with Tom:

So get this. I’m driving down Park Avenue one day and this guy waves for me, so I pull over and I ask him where he’s going. He tells me 74th street, and I tell him that’s too far for me, because my shift just ended, so he says ‘thanks anyway’ and walks away. But then I think about it, and I start feeling bad for the guy, cause hey– I got a conscience. So I call him back to the cab and tell him to hop in. And he gets in the car all excited, all animated, and he’s talking about all these things. But he’s got his cap pulled down way over his eyes, so I can’t see who it is.

Soon, the driver recognizes Tom’s voice, and figures out who his passenger is. He even gives him a pretty memorable reaction:

And when we get to a light, I turn to him, and I look him in the eye, and I scream: “WIIIIIIILLLSSSSSOOOOOOON!!!” And that really got him. He started laughing hard. He sees that I’ve got this Ferrari hat on, and a Ferrari shirt too, so he starts calling me ‘Mr. Ferrari.’ The whole ride, he keeps calling me ‘Mr. Ferrari.’ So after we get to his destination, we snap a quick photo, and he goes on his way. And I think that’s it.

Fortunately for the driver, that isn’t the end of this epic celebrity meeting.

Over the next few weeks, I just happen to randomly pick up people that know him. People who have acted with him before, people who work with him. And every time, I tell them: ‘Tell Mr. Hanks that Mr. Ferrari says ‘hello.'” Every time I say that. Then one day I’m driving, and I get a text from one of the people that I’d driven, and it says: ‘Mr. Hanks wants to invite you to see his Broadway show.’

He soon finds himself taking his lady to the play, where he’s sent backstage to hang out with Tom himself in his dressing room.

He walks in and screams: ‘Mr. Ferrari!’ Can you believe that story? And you wanna know the craziest thing? The name of his show was ‘Lucky Guy.’ How crazy is that? Cause that was me. A lucky guy!”

How can anyone possibly not like Tom Hanks? This man has to be the nicest guy on the planet.

SOURCE: Humans Of NY | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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