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When he’s not creating the year’s catchiest tunes, Pharrell Williams is clearly using his star power for deeper purposes. What could be better than “Happy,” you might ask? Well, the legendary producer-turned-performer has now teamed up with Adidas to launch an equality campaign.

The campaign features a diverse cast standing on a field in two lines to represent an equal sign. To accompany the ad, two new products have been released from Williams‘ collaboration with Adidas Originals: a track jacket in satin ($190.50) or leather ($1,905), and a Stan Smith sneaker in leather ($254) or in felt, similar to a tennis ball ($152). While you may have to splurge to snag the jacket or a pair of the sneakers, just remind yourself it’s all to support a positive movement.

What’s most important is the message behind the campaign: equality for all. This makes us happy, like a room without a roof.


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