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While busy making a household name for herself as Aria on the hit series Pretty Little Liars and promoting her debut country album Road Between, Lucy Hale has still managed to stay pretty damn pretty.

The brunette beauty teamed up with Colgate Optic White and the Country Music Awards to do us all a favor and offer tips on how to look just as good as she does, or at least as close as we can get. Hale talks about everything from the necessity of a little black dress, to the importance of taking care of yourself, telling GlobalGrind the best accessory you can have when getting red carpet ready is simply a perfect smile:

“I’m such a big teeth person. I had braces for five years so I’ve just tried to maintain the prettiest and white-est smile I possibly could. More importantly, just being confident makes the prettiest smile.”

Check out the rest of our interview with Ms. Hale below, where the young star talks red carpet mishaps, the PLL Christmas special, and more.

GlobalGrind: Speaking of getting red carpet ready, can you share some of your red carpet mishaps?

Lucy Hale: I’ve tripped a couple of times. One time I wore something that was slightly see-through. I’ve had food in my teeth before. Pretty much everything that could happen has happened. But it’s kind of funny. If you can’t laugh about it, it’s not worth it.

What has been your best red carpet look?

My favorite look that I’ve ever done actually was the CMAs last year. I had on this amazing dress, and you know, the hair and the makeup. It was just a really great day. So we’re going to try to top that this year if we can.

When not on the red carpet, what are some everyday tips you have to look your best in casualwear?

Be comfortable in whatever it is that you’re wearing. Whether it’s pajamas or a high-end dress, feel 100 percent comfortable in whatever it is that you’re wearing. I’m a big believer in if you like one piece, buy it in different colors. I used to get a lot of cheaper, trendy stuff, but now I invest in pieces that I know I’m going to wear for a really long time. Like, a really good leather jacket, really good jeans, and really good boots.

Being that you just released your first country music album, how does it feel to be attending the CMAs this year?

This year is really different, because this past year I’ve had songs on the radio and I’ve released my album and people are more familiar with that side of me and that side of my career. I feel like I’ve just upped the game a little bit. I’m definitely more excited to go this year, because I feel more a part of that community.

You’ve said that music was your first love, how did acting become the main focus?

It was suggested to me by a family friend. They thought, ‘Lucy’s charismatic and she loves to perform. She’d like acting too.’ I was a little kid that would try anything at least once. I started auditioning and I fell in love with it. I never in a million years thought that would be what launched me and my career, but it did. I obviously love music, but I equally love acting too. I’m really lucky that I get to be the exception and the person that can do both.

How are you handling the task of juggling acting and singing?

Schedule-wise it’s been a little tricky. There aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes. But, it’s really great because I get the best of both worlds. I can pretend to be someone else and then at the end of the day, I can go and sing my songs and be myself. It’s been good for me and I think that finding success in acting has only helped me on the musical side of things.

How does Aria’s style differ from your own? Have you ever had to wear something on the show that you wouldn’t normally dress yourself in?

Yeah, all the time. I respect and admire her bold choices. She’s a girl that will wear whatever she wants but wear it with confidence, and I think that’s really awesome and really cool for girls to see. Aria is this girl who will wear all the trends at once. She’s not subtle about her choices at all and I’m very, very, very much more subdued in real life. I’m a little bit plainer, I guess. But, dressing up as her for five years has taught me about being OK to take a risk, not really caring what people think. But I think we’re on very opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to our style.

Any hints on the upcoming Christmas special?

It’s a beautiful episode, but it’s equally dark and mysterious as the other episodes, it just happens to be around the most wonderful time of year. I can’t really disclose what happens, but it revolves around the Iceball. They’re going to the dance, and the events that take place at the Iceball sort of set up the remainder of season five.

Do you know who ‘A’ is?

I actually don’t. I know some of the girls do, but I don’t. Nobody will tell me, probably because they know that I’ll tell. I have my guesses, but who knows? It could easily be a character on the show or it could be someone we haven’t met yet. We’ll see. We got two years to figure it out.

Check Lucy out on the Country Music Awards on November 5th at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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