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French Montana is gearing up for the release of his second official album Mac & Cheese 4, so to promote his latest work, the MMG emcee sat down with BlogXilla for a special edition of the No Judgment Zone.

French held nothing back, giving his thoughts on his own claim to the King of New York spot, staying in touch with the incarcerated Meek Mill, and his friendly competition to lose weight with Rick Ross. Take a look at some excerpts from the interview below.

On His Respect Level In NYC:

“I just feel like you ain’t never going to get the respect you deserve until you pass away or stop doing what you’re doing. I feel like when Max B was on fire, everybody was disrespecting him. I feel like when Cam and Dipset was on fire, they were getting disrespected. I feel like even now, people still won’t say that Jay’s bigger than B.I.G., but he accomplished way more than him. I feel like when it’s in people’s faces, they never embrace it the right way.”

On His Phone Calls With Meek Mill:

“I be talking to Meek. He’s trying to keep a level-head until he comes out. I already know he got a plan. Anybody will be stressed in that situation. I’d be lying to you. That’s definitely a situation that makes you realize you’re not in control of your own life. So shout-out to Meek. I know when he come home he’s going to take over.”

On Finally Getting In The Gym:

“Honestly, it was Khloe, she was like, let’s start going into the gym. I started doing that a little bit and I got addicted to it. I think it was her, she’s the one that told me to start.”

Check out the full interview above and be sure to share it with your friends. Mac & Cheese 4 comes out December 16.

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