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What ever happened to fun size Snickers bars?

A Northern California father made quite the discovery when he found a bag of meth in his 8-year-old daughter’s Halloween candy.

According to CBS, the man was going through the bounty of candy Monday when he stumbled upon the drugs. He immediately reported his findings to police.

The father then handed over the plastic baggie to the police. The bag was filled with a white powdery substance and later tested positive for meth, weighing about 0.1 grams without packaging, according to the police.

Police knew they were certain what the substance was – even without testing.

“Pretty instantly, I mean it’s something we see a lot, methamphetamine,” Sergeant Ezra Tafesse told the station.

The father-daughter duo went trick-or-treating in a community near San Pablo Bay, but as of Tuesday, police have no suspect in mind.

Tafesse also told the Contra Costa Times that police were uncertain if this was intentional or accidental — but he admits that it does happen from time to time, especially with marijuana.

In response to the discovery of the “treat,” police are urging parents to sift through bags of Halloween candy for any illegal substances to report them. Oh, and don’t take said illegal substances. That’s not how this works.


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