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Happy birthday to the baddest glam-ma we know. Kris Jenner celebrates her 59th birthday on November 5, but don’t expect the HBIC of the Kardashian klan to slow down anytime soon.

When she’s not busy “keeping tabs” on every member of her famous family, or most recently releasing a cookbook, Kris offers us all random moments of hilarity with her tendency to act like one of the kids.

Check out the gallery below to see every time Kris Jenner partied with her daughters, posed for selfies with rappers, and flaunted her stuff for the camera…clearly wishing she was the fourth member of the trio of Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney.

Kris is determined to stay forever young, and we ain’t mad at her.


Every Time Kris Jenner Thought She Was The 4th Kardashian Sister (PHOTOS)
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