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Kris Jenner has a new man and is flaunting him around like a hot new Birkin bag.

According to various reports, Kris and friend Corey Gamble have decided to take their relationship to a romantic level. All we know about this guy is that he’s been spotted out with Kris for the past few months and they’ve been all over each other. Fresh off a Mexican getaway, the pair was snapped smiling and holding hands, looking like sprung teenagers.

This could be Kris’ way to solidify her split from Bruce Jenner. But who is this guy that’s swept the Kardashian matriarch off her feet? Here’s 10 things we know about Corey Gamble.

1. Gamble is a younger man.

Corey is 33-years-old, while Kris is 59.

2. He’s not a Hollywood guy.

Corey is a Morehouse alum from Atlanta, GA.

3. The hot couple met in Spain.

They linked up in Ibiza, Spain at designer Riccardo Tisci’s 40th birthday party.

4. They share the same Zodiac sign.

Both Kris and her new man are Scorpios.

5. He knows the Biebs too.

Gamble works for Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun as a road manager.

7. Khloe likes him.

In an interview with, Khloe revealed:

“It’s weird when your parents date. But I’m just happy that both of them are happy and in a good space. They should be with someone and be happy. [Corey Gamble] is such a nice guy. He’s just a really good person. And I just like to see my mom happy, so it’s a good thing to see.”

8. He knows a lot of famous people.

Miley Cyrus and Ellen DeGeneres follow him on Twitter.

9. He likes to keep a low profile and doesn’t party a lot. 

A source told E! News, “He’s a really great guy. … He’s so nice and a very responsible man. He doesn’t drink or party. He is very caring about other people and generally just an all-round good guy.”

10. He knows how to wine-and-dine a woman.

Corey and Kris were recently spotted out on a romantic dinner in Sherman Oaks.

SOURCE: E! Online | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter 

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