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The party is over, and it’s back to work werk for Kendall, no Jenner.

After having her birthday bash with the entire Kardashian krew in attendance, it was recently revealed that the 19-year-old would not be getting her wings and walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show this year, but there’s clearly no shortage of jobs available for her.

The model-of-the-moment meant business in a red pantsuit with lips, nails, shoes, and a purse to match. She was spotted doing a secret photoshoot in Los Angeles —which obvi isn’t that much of a secret if the paps were there, but we digress.

Kendall ditched her top to wear only a necklace underneath the blazer, and delivered the va-va-voom with a head of voluminous waves.

She did, however, have to miss her momager Krisbirthday shenanigans, but sometimes, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do: serve some face and cut the check.


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