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So, this happened.

A group of men in Melbourne, Florida,  were arrested on Thursday night after one of them apparently offered an undercover cop that was dressed as a prostitute a chicken dinner and $3 in exchange for sexual intercourse.  The Daily Mail reports:

A female investigator from the Sanford Police Department was dressed as a sex-worker in a sting operation in an effort to clean up the neighborhood when a group of men came driving by and began ‘soliciting’ her.

One of those men arrested on Thursday night was Steven Torres, 32, of Melbourne, Florida who allegedly yelled out at the decoy and offered her a mere $3 and some chicken dinner in exchange for sexual favors. He had a group of six rowdy ‘wing men’ with him who supposedly supported the endeavor.

Officers in the Sanford Police Department are leading a sting operation aimed at anyone who sells sex and/or solicits sex, all for the improvement of the residents in Sanford. All seven men have been charged with procure in prosecution. Click here to see the other men who were arrested.

SOURCE: Daily Mail | PHOTO SOURCE: Sanford Police Department