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Ah, Drake. A man of many talents, and a man of maybe even more memes.

As many of us know, the Nothing was the Same rapper has an unconditional love for the sport of basketball, which has truly come to life over the past couple of years.

Now that he’s one of the most famous guys in not only hip-hop, but pop culture in general, he’s able to get access to a lot of the perks of being a b-ball fan, including becoming an official global ambassador for his hometown team: the Toronto Raptors.

At a game this weekend, Drizzy showed off his team spirit for the Canadian basketball squad, and he had to be the most enthusiastic person in the arena when James Johnson did an epic dunk on the Sixers.

The video of Drake’s reaction became the talk of viewers and fans, and like many other Drake moments, it was uploaded into a Vine video pretty swiftly.

Even if he isn’t putting money into a team, or signing a contract with an agency, the YMCMB member is definitely improving the marketing of the NBA, as well as college ball, just by simply being Drake. It’s clear that no matter what happens on or off the court, he will never lose his love for the game.

Let’s take a look at Drake’s hilarious history with basketball below.

Starting from this weekend before looking back, we have a very hyped up Drake after watching the James Johnson dunk. Classic Drake-ing at its finest, more so if you include the glasses.

This guy is such a fan of basketball and goes so hard for his squad that he got an entire “Drake Night” dedicated to him last season. Is there any other way to celebrate than to have Drake do the Raptors’ intros?

Remember last year when Jay Z and Drake had a brief feud that got taken to the court? Who could forget Drake’s epic “Jay Z is somewhere eating a fondue plate” diss? The man is serious about his basketball spirit.

With any love between a man and a sport comes disappointment, which happened when Drake was denied entry into the Miami Heat locker room a couple years ago. Fortunately, the team had him join them for a pizza turn-up party after their big win.

It surprised a lot of people when Drake came out to support the University of Kentucky at March Madness this year, but according to him, he’s always been a big fan. See the proof in this Vine:

Drake shoots an epic air ball as he fulfills one of his unknown bucket-list goals by warming up with the University of Kentucky in full gear.

It’s OK, Drake. You still look spiffy in that uniform.

If Drake is going to be a fan, and be made into a meme, he’s going to beat people to the punch. This past season, Drizzy was spotted in the crowd of another Brooklyn Nets vs. Toronto Raptors game, Drake-ing it up on the sidelines. Yes, that video is of Drake lint-rolling his pants mid-game. Later in the season, he gave out some official OVO lint rollers during another game, which sold for a pretty big price on eBay.

Drake’s love went so far this year that he even hosted the 2014 ESPY Awards, where he got to get up close with some of his favorite players. Look at him, blowing all in Paul George’s ear and shit. That’s real fan love right there.


Don’t ever change, Drake.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter, Instagram

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