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In four short years, Tyler, the Creator has gone from living a regular life as a teen in Southern California to becoming a successful rapper and producer with three albums under his belt and a popular sketch television series, Loiter Squad. He has gained notoriety in the music business and among fans for his controversial lyrics and no-holds-barred approach to the content in his music. Now, Tyler, the Creator is the latest artist to cover The Fader and in true Tyler fashion, he’s offering us a full serving of brutal honesty (laced with profanity, of course).

Much like his music, no topic was off-limits for this interview, as Tyler talked about everything from his relationship with Odd Future and Earl Sweatshirt, to his upcoming album. But first, Tyler took us back to where it all started and discussed the struggle to fit in as a kid in L.A.:

“It was just hard man. Black people aren’t really open to things. I used to get called ‘white boy’. I hated that shit. I’m in seventh grade in Inglewood, too white for the black kids, too black for the white kids. We’re in LA, so the Mexicans don’t like blacks, and there’s no Asians around. So who the fuck do I really  fuck with at school?”

Without friends at school to look to, he turned to celebrities for inspiration and influence.

“I had Eminem. I had Pharrell. I had Dave Chappelle. He was a skinny, lanky black guy; I was a lanky, goofy black dude. He made it cool to me.”

And when it comes to the movement that started it all, Tyler says his relationship with the Odd Future crew is not what it used to be.

“Everyone’s on their own island. I talked to Hodgy like a week ago, and he played me some crazy shit. It’s no problems, it’s just who I vibe with.”

Although once the tightest duo of the group, Tyler says his relationship with Earl Sweatshirt is somewhat distant as well these days:

“That’s my nigga. We just aren’t as close as we were. It’s kind of weird, but I’m aware and smart enough to know, okay, shit changes. Shit changes, people get older, people’s goals change. As fucking outlandish and outspoken I am, I don’t like confrontation. I’m not a piece of shit,  man. I’m fair to everyone.”

So, when can we expect the new album? Unfortunately, it’s still unfinished and there’s no release date, “it’s still nothing” Tyler says. But, he does give us some info on who we can expect to feature on the project:

“I want to get Jay Z and Rick Ross on a remix of one song. I’m gonna get Cherry Glazerr and Leon Ware on this other one. I sent some shit to Willow Smith, man. She better not flex!”

Clearly still a work in progress, it sounds like Tyler, the Creator is creating something pretty major and he’ll have creative control of the project.

“Everything with T is what he fucking wanted.”

One thing’s for sure, with Tyler calling the shots, it’ll have us all talking when it drops.


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