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One of the sexiest men in the game, 25-year-old “New Flame” singer Chris Brown, has been showing off his ink a lot lately, most recently revealing a new tattoo on his neck.

Seeing Breezy in all of his tatted-up glory got us thinking about all the other scrumptious hip-hop men out there who are dedicated to the ink game. We’re talking hunks like Nick Jonas, who recently went shirtless and pulled his pants down for Flaunt magazine. Then there’s The Game, whose good looks are certainly magnified by the fact that he’s covered in ink.

And here’s a low-key name you don’t read about every day – Kellan Lutz, who’s so casual, but so damn fine… all at the same damn time.

We gathered 18 of the sexiest tatted up hip-hop men in the gallery below…because, Thirsty Thursday.