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Cali’s own Problem has a new song that will probably become an anthem in hip-hop by this spring. His new song “Andale” features Lil

Jon on the ad-lib (Ohh-kaaay) and Mr. Jahlil Beats on the track. There are too many reasons why Andale should become a hit; from Lil Jon being featured on it to its namesake. Of course Jahlil’s production prowess is the star of any track he produces. “Andale” is a take on the Ruff Ryders classic “Down Bottom.” Jahlil updates the beat with a turn-up feel and the rest, shall we say, will be history.

Rick Ross is a hard at work these days promoting his second album of the year. Thats like 2 full NFL seasons packed into 2014. Rozay’s Hood Billionare hit the shelves this week with a huge buzz, dope parties, and lots of fanfare; and that was just in New York. As you could imagine, the album’s track listening boast some of hip hop music’s heavy names. One stand-out track that’s guaranteed to get the masses attention is his new record with Jay Z called “Moving Bass.”

Big shout to Cash Money Records. It’s a fact that the label is one of the most successful indie hip hop labels ever. The cool thing about Brian and Slim’s empire is that it incorporates elements of their past successes. Case in point, that new Rich Gang “Sho Me Love” track which features a newly ‘re-signed’ Juvenile. Like seeing Jay and Dame in a selfie, it’s great to see that legends on the same page again.

I’ve been a BJ The Chicago Kid fan since a few summers back when he rocked the Coachella stage with Dr. Dre and that Tupac hologram. His melodic, ‘Marvin-Gaye like’ songs are truly what’s missing in R&B music these days. That’s why his new song titled “B.A.M.” should be a hit with the ladies. It’s that right turnt-up vibe mixed with those windy city soulful sounds that BJ has made a mainstay.

A lot has been said of the artist Royce Rizzy. Say what you want but the big homie is making noise all throughout the south. His recent signing with So So Def has put that rap world on notice. While we wait for his major label debut, Royce hits us with the Cassius-produced anthem “Watch Out.”