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Last night, nearly everyone tuned into the Aaliyah biopic on Lifetime, and the reviews weren’t all too positive.

We caught up with Zendaya, who was originally set to play the late singer, on the red carpet of the 2014 Nickelodeon Halo Awards, Saturday and told her she was lucky she backed out of the Aaliyah movie.

Her reaction was amazing.

We also asked her if she planned on watching and she told us she will be skipping the biopic saying:

“I am probably not going to watch it because I am going to be working and on a plane. I am kind of detached from the project, but I wish it all the best. I think that the young lady that took over the role will do her best. I wish everyone the best. Its not my place anymore. it’s taken it’s own life and I am just not apart of it.”

LifeTime’s Aaliyah Princess Of R&B was widely bashed on twitter for bad casting and lack luster acting.

Zendaya wanted no parts in knowing the movie wasn’t that great, simply putting her hands over her face and saying no comment.

At least she is keeping it classy and discrete! The rest of Twitter, on the other hand, didn’t hold their tongues too much.

See the full interview above, and her outfit for the HALO Awards.