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President Obama announced Thursday night his plans to take executive action on immigration reform. Many who live in fear of deportation have the chance to file applications to stay in the U.S. While many of the actions implemented by the president won’t be active until six months from now, Republicans and other officials are looking to take legal action against his policies. House speaker John Boehner has slammed the president for his actions and even filed a lawsuit Friday morning over Obamacare. [ABC News]

Children in Tuszyn, a town in central Poland will see plenty of cartoon characters painted on their neighborhood playground except Winnie The Pooh. Officials claim the popular bear is offensive and a dangerous influence on children because he doesn’t wear pants. They also called the lovable cartoon a hermaphrodite. To make matters worse, a councilwoman slammed author, Alan Alexander Milne, by accusing him of cutting off the cartoon characters genitals because he had a problem with his sexuality. A cartoon character, guys. [Daily Mail

Catcalling reached national headlines again after a man was stabbed for telling a creep to stop hitting on his girlfriend. Ben Schwartz was stabbed nine times and suffered wounds on his face, neck, arm and hands. Officials claim the 31-year-old stepped in and defended his girlfriend after the man tried to talk to her several times. No one has been arrested in the stabbing, but thanks to the Internet, an online fundraiser has raised over $20,000 to pay for Schwartz’s medical bills. [Jezebel

For the first time, Adrian Peterson has spoken out about his child abuse case and vowed never to use a switch again to discipline his children. Peterson took a misdemeanor plea in the case and says he’s apologized several times to his son and is hoping to see him soon. As for his future with the Minnesota Vikings, the athlete says there’s no hard feeling if he’s released from the team.   [USA Today


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