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No Malice forgot to sip slow.

It’s no secret Virginia rapper No Malice (formerly Malice) decided to leave music at the height of his rap career to embark on a spiritual journey.

The 42-year-old emcee is now opening up about that journey in a new documentary called The End of Malice, featuring his brother Pusha T, who decided to continue rapping, and longtime friend Pharrell Williams.

In the documentary, No Malice discusses the pivotal moment when he decided to put down the pen and turn to God.

“In 2009, there was a knock, knock, knock. It was the devil, and he wanted his stuff back,” he says.

Pharrell also discusses how fame can overcome an individual:

“Fame is one of those things where…when you’re given a cocktail like that…there’s no college course on how to drink it. You’re supposed to sip slow.”

There’s no release date for the documentary as of yet, but it looks pretty riveting. Watch the trailer for No Malice’s forthcoming documentary above.

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