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For Carmelo Anthony, ball is not life.

The New York Knicks forward ditches his uniform to cover ESPN magazine. He’s on his suit-and-tie ish looking like he means business, and that’s because he does.

ESPN’Eli Saslow follows Melo off the court and into the boardroom, where he opens up about wanting to be more than just a basketball player, especially in the eyes of his 7-year-old son Kiyan:

“I hate it when people say that’s all I am,” Anthony says. “I don’t want to just be an athlete. I kind of obsess on that sometimes. I don’t want my son to be reading, oh, ‘disappointment, just a scorer, selfish, didn’t win enough, never quite the best’ — whatever. I want to be bigger than that. I want to shape my own destiny instead of just having him read about whatever on the back page.”

Pick up a copy of the issue on Friday to see what else Carmelo has to say about what money means to him, venturing into the tech world, and how he plans to brand himself as more than an athlete.


Dapper Don: The Style Evolution Of Carmelo Anthony
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