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He’s not about that finesse life.

St. Louis rapper Twon’s “No Finessin” collaboration with Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates is making national airwaves, and he’s hoping to bring light and life to the place he calls home. But during his time of joy, his hometown is enduring devastation.

At this moment, Twon isn’t the most notable person coming out of St. Louis. Instead, slain unarmed teenager Mike Brown, and his killer, Officer Darren Wilsonare the most famous names of the St. Louis Metropolitan area, and rapper Twon is admittedly troubled by the divisiveness plaguing his city.

Twon stopped by GlobalGrind’s offices to discuss his new mixtape, working with Kevin Gates and Bun B, as well as his thoughts on fellow St. Louis rapper Nelly. On a more serious note, he discussed how racism and systemic oppression is tearing his hometown apart, calling Ferguson and St. Louis “ground zero.”

Check out our exclusive interview with Twon in the video above.

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