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With only one month left in the year, Yeezus has yet to bless us with a new album, let alone single, or his highly anticipated collection with Adidas. Month after month, we’ve been teased with little bits and pieces of a new track here, an alleged model of a sneaker there, but word on the street is that the music will be no more.

An anonymous source told Page Six that Kanye West has realized there’s way, way more money to be made in fashion—especially considering how his sneakers with a retail price of $250 have sold out in a matter of minutes and then flipped for thousands of dollars—so instead, ‘Ye will reportedly be focusing on the design business.

“After his next [collaboration] with Paul McCartney comes out, he’s going to step away from music and concentrate on clothing,” said the source.

The source goes on to say that although ‘Ye got a hefty $15 million signing bonus from Adidas, his line has yet to see a release date because he’s been too busy with other distractions, like North West and Kim Kardashian.

That’s that sh*t we don’t like.


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