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At 11-years-old, Quvenzhane Wallis has already been nominated for an Academy Award and scored the leading role in the Annie remake set to release this month. Now, she’s on the cover of New York Times Style magazine looking like a young boss.

And it’s not just her accomplishments that solidify her as such, it’s her attitude. From the beginning, Quvenzhane sets the tone for the interview:

“I’m not gonna name names,” she says, “but sometimes when reporters are talking it gets a little boring because I don’t have any jokes to tell because the questions are so serious.”

Behind her hard work, success, and sassy moments, the young star is still a normal young woman who simply enjoys having fun. Fortunately, she gets to slide in a couple of her jokes.

“Why doesn’t a bike stand up on its own?” she asks. Even on her tiptoes, the 5-foot-2 actress looks very much like a young girl. “I’ve got it!” I find myself yelling, apparently desperate to make an 11-year-old think I’m cool. “Because it’s two-tired!”

And of course, the interview ends on her terms. Because how else could it go?

“How about three more questions?” she says. “Make them big so I can answer them big.” Her pursed lips and unwavering stare are both an invitation and a challenge. Has she ever, um, broken any bones? “No,” she says incredulously. “I’m scared to but I also kind of want to.” What’s her favorite way to introduce herself to people? “Hi, people call me Quvenzhané. But you can call me tonight.” I rack my brain for another, but I’m too slow. “We’re done now,” she says.

Whether she’s starring on the big screen or calling the shots in an interview, Quvenzhane Wallis never fails to entertain.

PHOTO CREDIT & SOURCE: New York Times Style

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