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Think Tink!

Timbaland has been in a really good mood lately, especially when it comes to sharing new music.

During his time on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, Timbaland shared what he said was the “original” version of Rick Ross and Jay Z’s “Movin’ Bass” collaboration, which featured his new artist Tink.

Rick Ross spoke out against Timbaland’s decision to leak the record on the radio and expressed his disappointment. The Miami rapper also maintained that Tink’s version of “Movin’ Bass” was not the original recording.

Either way, during a recent livestream session, Timbaland shared a full preview of a new song titled “UFO,” featuring Tink and Andre 3000.

“I think my girl might be cheating on the low, I really hate to say it but you might not need to know/ are you f*cking other n*ggas?/ UFO, UFO,” Timbaland croons overs Auto-Tune.

Tink is currently readying her debut album, which is scheduled to drop in 2015.

Check out Timbaland’s livestream below.


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