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“…. what we gotta do just to live…”

TDE’s co-president Punch releases a new record titled “25” featuring the label’s golden child Kendrick Lamar. The introspective song opens with a soundbite from the late great Tupac discussing the perils of growing up impoverished and fatherless.

You won’t get any bars from Kendrick on “25.” Instead, the Compton rapper can be heard crooning on the hook:

“This is for my everyday ghetto n*gga

It don’t really matter where you from n*ggas

Before you leave the house, kiss your moms n*gga

Cause you don’t know when that day had come n*gga

Cause only lord knows that I know how you feel

What we gotta do just to live. We try not to get our cap peeled, try not to get your cap peeled”

Besides readying his long-awaited sophomore album, Kendrick Lamar recently inked a deal with Reebok. So bye-bye Nike Cortez.

Listen to Punch’s new offering below.

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