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The beautiful Rosario Dawson took some time out from her busy schedule to chat with us about working with Chris Rock and revealed some of her special skills: like making her own hot sauce.

Rosario stars in Top Five as Chelsea Brown, a journalist who is interviewing Rock’s character Andre Allen on the day of his first serious movie premiere after a series of comedy films playing a bear named Hammy.

While speaking about Top Five, Rosario also touched on her most memorable roles:

“I get a lot of Mimi from Rent heads, but to this day, Spike still calls me LaLa (from He Got Game). I remember we were actually filming and walking down the street doing the Martin Luther King Jr. scene. We were right there in Washington Square Park, Spike actually walked by and the first thing he does is ‘LaLa!’ because he still calls me LaLa.

Check out the full interview above. Top Five is in theaters this Friday.