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When they were younger, Kendall and Kylie Jenner were like two peas in a pod. These days, you can find one of them keeping up with her modeling career on some of the most esteemed catwalks in the world, and the other twirling her locks as a hair-trepreneur.

In between all of that, every once in a while the youngest members of the Kardashian krew find time to do regular sisterly things with one another, like bicker about each other’s pet peeves, design a clothing collection, and cover magazines.

Kendall and Kylie—and her lips—took Splash magazine’s most recent cover together, where inside, the duo dished on their latest PacSun collection and each other’s personal style.

At 19 and 17, respectively, they’ve spent almost half of their lives growing up on television screens. So even the chanting of their names outside the PacSun store where the interview takes place is no biggie.

“It’s something that we’ve grown up with,” says Kylie. “It’s kind of normal for us — as normal as it can be. We have an amazing family surrounding us,” Kylie explains. “They taught us so much about growing up in [the spotlight].”

Head on over to Splash to find out which one is the “Negative Nancy” and where they get their style inspiration. Hint: Yeezy taught ’em.

But first, check out Kris Jenner, who’s landed a magazine feature herself this month with LOVE mag’s advent calendar in the video below, just a week after Kendall’s appearance. Because it ain’t no fun if the momager can’t have none.


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