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Don’t be alarmed, but something major is happening, guys. Rihanna and Kanye West are joining forces for a new project. At this point, we aren’t really sure what that project is exactly, so all we can do is present you with what we know so far.

On Sunday night, Mr. West touched down in New York City – “first family of fashion” in tow. The next day, Kim Kardashian and Nori hopped back on a plane to LAX, leaving him to work we presume. Meanwhile, Rihanna, a fellow member of his Roc Nation familia, took to the ‘Gram to post pictures of herself behind the scenes of a photoshoot and basically preparing us to be slayed by whatever it is she’s doing in the near future.

RiRi appeared to be getting her hair and makeup did—the result was a slicked-back ‘do and a dewy face with her eyebrows on “fleek” as they say—as evidenced after being spotted leaving the photography studio.

Ri hit the concrete catwalk in an oversized coat with cracked texture lined with embellishments during the wee hours of Monday night. Stacks on stacks on stacks of rings covered her fingers, and beneath her jacket were a baggy pair of stained jeans tucked into combat boots.

And guess who was spotted leaving that same studio laced in those same boots? Yeezy. The paparazzi’s flashing lights captured him heading out wearing a big grin on his face (a true Christmas miracle) with black denim, a black hoodie, and a camel-colored coat.

So, what do we think is going on here? A fashion photoshoot? Or maybe something more music-related? Whatever it is, we want it.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Splash

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