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Tyson Beckford is having a good year, and it appears he’s ready to show off what he’s been working on in his new stripper movie Chocolate City.

The model recently spoke with HIV Plus Magazine, where he compared white strip clubs and black strip clubs, commenting on how different they are from each other.

He told the mag:

 “I hate when people use that reference, because it’s totally about a different kind of experience. Black strip clubs and white strip clubs are totally different. There’s more performance, more energy in a black strip club than there is a white one because the bodies are a little bit more ripped, and the girls have bigger, you know, it’s more so about the butt in black strip clubs than it is about the top, for women. It’s about how big they are down there: how they shake, how they move, how they gyrate. It’s a different experience. I don’t want to say it’s more rhythm-driven, but it is a little bit more rhythm-driven. There’s a lot more acrobatic stuff in a black strip club.… They allow you more to touch in black strip clubs than you are allowed in white strip clubs.”

Are you guys excited for Chocolate City?

Chelsea Handler loves to let her boobs breathe, and she recently did that once again, but this time… on top of a mountain!

The talk show host took a flick on top of a snowy mountain, where she was doing some skiing, and she exposed her bare upper body with confidence.

Unfortunately for her, Instagram still has a strict policy against nudity, and the photo was taken down shortly after she posted it. Hopefully the world will soon #freethenipple.

Dustin Diamond is back at it with his bizarre behavior once again.

The former Saved By The Bell star was arrested this week, after he allegedly stabbed a man in a Wisconsin bar with a switchblade.

According to TMZ, the actor was arrested yesterday morning for possession of a switchblade, reckless endangerment, as well as carrying a concealed weapon.

The site reports:

Cops tell us Screech allegedly stabbed a guy after getting into an argument late Christmas evening that quickly escalated– the bar owner says it was over pics they were taking of Diamond — and then the actor bailed from the bar.

According to court docs … the victim suffered a 1/2 inch wound under his armpit and bled heavily — but he didn’t notice it had even happened until moments later.

Officers located Dustin and his girlfriend in his car not long after … and the knife was in his ride. Dustin’s girlfriend was booked on a disorderly conduct charge.

Cops tell us the victim suffered non-life threatening wounds … and he’s already home recovering.

Diamond is claiming self defense … saying he and his wife were attacked in the bar.  The actor appeared in court Friday morning and his bail was set at $10K.

Damn, homie!

Mark Wahlberg might have been married for some time now, but his wife knows how to keep the flame lit in their relationship.

The two, along with their family, recently took a vacation to Barbados for the Christmas season, and the couple was seen playing in the waters of one of the island’s beautiful beaches.

His wife had no shame as she stuck her booty in the air, kissing on her famous hubby while the paps watched.

We need to take some notes from her!

Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t seem to ever stop winning!

After having another incredible year in Hollywood, including her recent Hunger Games franchise film, the young actress has just been named the highest grossing actor of 2014 by Forbes.

The site reports that Ms. Lawrence’s movies have grossed in around $1.4 billion at the box office this year, but her numbers are still growing as Mockingjay is currently in theaters.

Congrats to Jennifer on another big year!

SOURCE: HIV Plus MagazineTMZForbes | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Splash, Instagram