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It looks like these two are officially back together, as TMZ reports that Chris and Kae worked things out after a night out at a club this past Tuesday.

The site reports:

We’re told they chatted politely inside the nightclub until Chris asked her to go somewhere more private to talk about giving the couples thing another shot.

Karrueche agreed … and we actually shot them on the way out of the club to go have that convo.

The final nail in the coffin came Thursday when they went to Sean Kingston‘s “Christmas with the Kingston’s” party — together. Based on this photo … the talk went well. Again.

We kind of saw this coming. We’ll keep you updated with the latest.

The saga continues…

Karrueche may have talked about not dealing with Chris Brown anymore, but it seems she isn’t ready to walk that walk just yet.

The gorgeous model and socialite recently broke things off with Breezy, and as we all know he followed up by airing out some of her super dirty laundry, accusing Kae of cheating with Drake before telling the world she agreed to threesomes in the beginning of their relationship.

But with the holiday season in full effect, maybe all has been forgiven? The two were spotted walking Karrueche’s new dog, which the media speculates is a gift from her on-again-off-again boyfriend.

After they were seen together several times over the past couple of weeks, the receipts beg the question: Is #Chrae a thing again?

To see Chris and Kae taking stroll in Beverly Hills with their new pup, click here. We guess love conquers all…


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