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Ever since her mega-hit single from her first studio album, Tinashe has been “2 On.” That song is inescapable—not that we’re complaining: it’s one of our favorite songs of the year—and so, too, is the pop star herself.

After touring the world with the release of her Aquarius album, the 21-year-old singer now finds herself with a feature in Interview magazine among the other “15 Faces of 2015,” a list of stars who are expected to have their best year yet next year.

A professional singer since the age of 16, the Los Angeles native talks about how she didn’t exactly get along with her peers, saying, “Once I stopped focusing on people my age that were in school and I started hanging out with people in the industry, like producers, engineers, songwriters, that’s when I was really like, ‘Okay, there’s a life after college and all this other stuff everyone’s focused on.'”

Check out some more from her spread below.

On being confident in her talent:

“Because everybody always encouraged me to sing I assumed that I wasn’t bad at it. It felt like it was obvious what I was going to pursue. I thought I was good for as long as I can remember.”

What genre of music she’s in:

“It’s rooted in a place of R&B, but I like to avoid categories because I want to be able to evolve as an artist and for people not to expect the same thing from me all the time. I suppose it’s some grey area in R&B land.”

On the moment she felt like she made it:

“There are small moments, but I always have really high expectations so I continue to push for the next level. I think one of the best moments this year was when I turned on my local radio station and I heard my song and then I turned it to the next local station I listen to and I heard my song. Then I turned to a third local station I listen to and I heard my song. That was really crazy.”

For her full feature, head on over to Interview.


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