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The wait for the highly anticipated NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton is almost over.

Although the official high quality trailer for the F. Gary Gray-directed film hasn’t yet been released, Ice Cube, a producer on the film, shared it with fans at a concert in Sydney a few weeks ago.

Judging by the grainy video, the film is already a must-see. Check out the trailer above.

Midseason TV premieres are the best time to watch television. Between the Shonda Rhimes hit series Scandal, and the highly anticipated return of The Walking Dead, 2015 will be a great year for the small screen.

Check out the full list of midseason premieres here.

Want to trick your kids into going to bed early?

Netflix has created a faux New Year’s Eve countdown starring King Julien, the lemur from the Madagascar films. The three-minute streaming Netflix video helps parents convince their little ones that 2015 has come and puts them to bed, so you can partake in some adult time.

Check out the trailer of the countdown above and adults, be sure not to blow your cover.

What do you get when you mix paternity test results and a suicidal dad? Apparently a lawsuit.

A Florida prison inmate claims watching Maury Povich interview his ex-wife and daughter almost drove him to suicide.

Alan Griffin, who is serving 30 years for sexual battery and attempted murder, filed a federal lawsuit this month asking for $100,000 each from Povich and NBC to compensate him for the “great emotional shock, grief, shame, and embarrassment” he suffered.

Griffin’s handwritten federal complaint says he was watching Povich in a Florida prison on December 11, 2010, when he realized the guests were talking about him. Griffin’s lawyer claims that Povich and NBC “made millions of dollars at the mental and emotional distress of Mr. Griffin.”

Florida prison records show that Griffin, who is a registered sex offender, is set to be released in 2029.

SOURCE: Spin, Variety, People, Radar Online | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, YouTube

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