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Bad news for DMX fans – reports that a new album called Redemption Of The Beast was being released are actually false.

While the project is still set to drop after the pre-order link appeared on Amazon, the Ruff Ryderz rapper actually has no affiliation with its release, and he isn’t too happy about it coming out.

We received an official statement from someone in DMX’s camp, who revealed that the music on the new project is all stolen, and it has no ties to him or the album he is currently working on with Swizz Beatz.

Read the official statement from Domenick Nati below:

“I spoke to DMX today and he was unaware of the upcoming announcement of the “Redemption Of The Beast” album. When I read him the projected track list of songs to be released X said, ‘that’s all stolen music.’ DMX and myself are highly disappointed that trust was broken and that these songs may be released and sold without X’s knowledge or consent. DMX and Swizz Beatz are working on an album together and fans should look to their official social media accounts for accurate information.” ~Domenick Nati (Nati Celebrity Services)

So while this may not be X’s official comeback, something is in the works. Stay tuned.

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