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Ludacris and his new bride Eudoxie should be enjoying their honeymoon right about now, but instead, their love is being questioned by Ludacris’ baby mama, Tamika Fuller.

Over the holidays, Luda proposed and married Eudoxie on the very same day. And while the gesture was surely romantic and boss-like, Tamika believes it was just a trick so Luda could get full custody of their 1-year-old daughter Cai.

Tamika fears Luda’s happy home will give him the upper hand in court, allowing the judge to give him full custody of her child with the rapper. According to TMZ, Tamika thinks Luda will have an easier time proving he has a stable, loving household that’s more conducive to child-rearing than her single parent home.

Now it’s up to the judge to decide if Luda could provide a better lifestyle than Tamika.

Luda currently pays Tamika $7,000 a month in child support.


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