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Don’t you just love Childish Gambino videos?

Donald Glover shows off his dance moves at a roadside diner in the video for his STN MTN/ Kauai track “Sober.”

Hiro Murai, the director of Flying Lotus and Kendrick’s “Never Catch Me”music video, is also responsible for Bino’s latest – and it’s pretty hilarious.

Set at what appears to be a Waffle House, Childish Gambino attempts to get the attention of a young woman sitting across the room from him.

After many moon walks, table dances, and spin moves, Bino eventually gets her attention, but not for long. During the middle of his dance sequence, the apple of his eye quickly gets up, grabs her food from the counter, and leaves the restaurant.

Damn. Sucks to be Donald G.

Watch Bino’s Michael Jackson-inspired choreography in the video up top.

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