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Bros before hoes.

We thought the world was about to end when DJ Mustard and his longtime friend YG battled it out on Instagram over the holidays, but thankfully, all beef is squashed and Mustard finally got paid.

The Cali super producer sat down with MTV News to discuss what actually happened between him and YG, declaring it a “miscommunication.”

“It wasn’t a shot at YG, it was a shot at Def Jam. But at the same time it was just…a miscommunication,” he said.

When asked if people from the outside tried to mediate the situation, Mustard revealed:

“It helped me and YG in a lot of ways. Because we got, like, a big, big, big, big entourage, and you just got to see who would pick whose side, you know what I’m saying? And you would see who wouldn’t pick each other’s side. And you got calls from people — I got calls from people, he got calls from people — that were saying, ‘Yo, I’m riding with you,’ or ‘I ride with you.’ At the end of the day, why are you riding with either one of us? We brothers. We supposed to fight and get it over with it…So it just helped us cut the snakes out the grass, and move into 2015 in a good way.”

Glad the “miscommunication” is over, and everything is all good. Now, back to making beats, hoe.

Watch Mustard’s interview above.


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