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There’s been a lot talk about cousins today, but this article is far from incestuous.

Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates stunned the world with his shocking admission regarding a sexual relationship with his distant cousin, and well, we’re beyond perplexed.

We support keeping it all in the family, but not keeping it all in the family.

When you’re famous, dealing with family can become a part-time job, but when a few of your family members are just as famous as you are, the burden becomes a shared task.

Discovering your favorite actor and pop star are siblings is always amusing, but when you start climbing down your favorite celebrity’s family tree, there’s all kinds of surprises waiting – including plenty of cousins.

Thankfully, unlike Kevin Gates’ situationship, none of these people are kissing cousins.

Check out our favorite celebrity cousins in the gallery below.


15 Celebrity Cousins (PHOTOS)
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