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Seriously, who doesn’t want to be 50 Cent?

The multi-millionaire rapper is a star of a hit show, and occasionally hangs out with some of the coolest people in Hollywood. The Curtis rapper attended the annual CAA Golden Globes party, where he rubbed shoulders with Leonardo Dicaprio, who’s beard looks pretty epic.

He captioned the photo:

I was just talking to this guy might know him. He don’t bullshit when it comes to movies. LEO #SMSAUDIO#FRIGO #POWERTV #EFFENVODKA

Scarlett Johannson was also seen at the party. The Get Rich or Die Tryin’ rapper captioned the moment:

Ya boy and Scarlett johanson stay tuned. For more life with out limitations. #SMSAUDIO #FRIGO #POWERTV

Does that mean a possible venture between the two in the future?

Legendary comedian Cedric The Entertainer made an appearance in 50’s epic night, and he was even photobombed by Russell Simmons.

He captioned the photo:

Me and Cedric the entertainer, we do it BIG!!!. Oh sh!t Russell Simmons photo bomb lol#SMSAUDIO #FRIGO#POWERTV #EFFENVODKA

Just when the photobombing began, we’ve received possibly the most epic one of all.

Canoodling next to Naomi Campbell, Leo sneaks up behind and gives us a very creepy, yet hilarious look. To throw some humor in the pot, 50 captioned the photo:

I get photo bombed by the hottest people in the world. You should try living with out limits. #SMSAUDIO#FRIGO #POWERTV

Can we be like 50 when we grow up?


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